En Karma

Formed in 2006, En Karma began as group of friends who came together with one mutual goal in mind: to create music that people would love dancing to, as much as the band loved playing it. The line up began with Nick Chowlia on keys, Pip Dhaliwal on drums, Ravi Binning on dhol, Jatinder Dhesi (JP) on Dholak, and Ricky Thinda on bass guitar. Later they added lead singer, Inder Kooner who is known for his enormous vocal horsepower.

En Karma is North America's pre-eminent Bhangra band and their combined musical pedigree traverses experiences with the top bands of the 80's Bhangra movement in the UK, the oldest folk Bhangra institutions in Canada, and a little bit of indie-rock sensibility thrown in for good measure.

En Karma is a distinct and unmatched commodity in the Bhangra industry. The only Punjabi band in North America, En Karma's members deliver musicianship and performance abilities without compare. Drawing on their UK influences for live band arrangements and infused with their more contemporary influences in Vancouver, En Karma has created a unique Bhangra sound that is all their own. As emerging leaders of the Bhangra movement, they have generated considerable buzz internationally in a short time. In 2010 alone, En Karma has been nominated for a Brit Asia Music Award, showcased at Canadian Music Week, and was called upon to perform at three sites during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver then returning for 2011 Olympic Celebrations in Robson Square (Vancouver).

Their popularity worldwide, with not only Bhangra lovers, but on the world music scene has truly helped position them on the global Bhangra map. RBC Mosaic is proud to present En Karma in their debut performance in Missisuaga and GTA in any such event.