1. Best Picture : Ian Harnarine for Doubles with Slight Pepper
  2. Best Director : Zaheed Mawani for Three Walls
  3. Best Documentary : Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and Daniel Junge for Saving Face
  4. Best Cinematography - Naznin Shirazi Red Wednesday
  5. Best Performance (Actor OR Actress) : Atif Siddiqi (House For Sale)
  6. Best Editing : Ameesha Patel for I am What I Ought To Be
  7. Best Production/Art Design : Kamil Chajder for Snore Train
  8. Best Sound Design : Zorawar Shukla for A Prayer for Aliyah

Top 3 Reload films

  1. Khursheed Ahmed for Morning Walk
  2. Amir Ahmed for My Way
  3. Adriana Burigana for A Place I Call Home