Bobby Panesar

Punjabi music is incomplete without the power packed sound of Dhol. Mosaic Festival is pleased to present for the first time on stage one of the world's leading Dhol performers, Bobby Panesar. UK based, international percussionist with over 16 years of experience in the music Industry, specialising in Tabla, Dhol and Dholak, Bobby started young in music with his parents encouragement and experimented with other percussions and found The Dhol, (a double-sided barrel drum played mostly as an accompanying instrument in regional music forms) as his instrument of choice.

While touring with Nation Records - Fun Da Mental throughout the 90's, he got to perform with Peter Gabriel, Bollywood Brass Band, and DJ’s such as Bobby Friction(BBC Radio 1) all through his teenage years. Later he became a well respected Dhol teacher and instructor with Dhol Foundation. 2004 Bobby joined the UK Bhangra Scene. His electric and intricate style was labelled as "The Soloist" when being scouted to be part of the Legendary Bhangra band, Alaap. Later that year, it was also announced that he had joined the world famous band, SWAMI.

Recently Bobby performed for Multi Grammy-winning, RedOne, for Priyanka Chopra's debut album.