Canadian Community Arts Initiative

  1. To unite artists, critics and persons interested in art and allied and related subjects for fellowship and mutual suppport in promoting common aims and to assert the creative importance of art in the national and community life of Canada.

  2. To promote an improvement in the welfare, recognition and professional standing of practicing artists in the community.

  3. To promote activities which will tend to increase the appreciation, enjoyment and use of art and works of art in Canada.

  4. To promote enquiry into the solution of problems related to the growth of Canadian culture and to stimulate public interest in such matters.

  5. To establish, promote, support and encourage art galleries, museums and other institutions and organizations engaged in activities connected with art and art appreciation.

  6. To assist the coordination and encouragement of activities of groups and individuals tending to further the objectives of the Corporation by providing a clearinghouse for information and ideas.

  7. To publish, print, distribute and support books, magazines, pamphlets and publications of all kinds devoted to the interest of arts and artists.

  8. To improve the growth of emerging and established artists through educational activities and programs.

  9. To promote, encourage, give financial assistance to, subscribe to, become a member of and cooperate with societies having similar objectives, in all parts of the world.

  10. To cooperate, with organizations in Canada having similar objectives to those of this Corporation.

  11. To organize, plan, market, produce and hold or participate in events, seminars, conferences, lectures, exhibitions, shows, festivals, workshops and performances relating to or containing any single multidisciplinary or multiple artistic activities including but not limited to visual, performing and literary arts.

  12. To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the arrangement of the above mentioned objectives.

Board of Directors

Asma Arshad Mahmood is the Chair for CCAI. Well known visual artist , art and community activist and York University alumni,she has previously served on the boards of SAVAC, Chair for Art City in St James Town, Toronto, Community Editorial Board of Toronto Star and board of Mississauga Arts Council. Asma has exhibited her art in many parts of the world and art biennials.Asma has extensive experience in community development and a project related to arts and entertainment and currently is artistic Director of Promenade Gallery. She was also the first voluntary Festival director of MOSAIC festival from 2006 - 2011. She is recipient of Queen Diamond Jubilee Medal for her services in the field of art and culture.

Ali Adil Khan is the creative director of Visual and Interactive Arts of South Asia (VIRSA), the visual arts component of MOSAIC Festival. His keen interest in arts has enabled him to make great strides into the development, support and promotion of South Asian artists in the GTA. As a passionate collector and curator of art, Adil established the first South Asian Gallery for Art (SAGA) in Canada in 2002 and organized more than 25 art exhibitions within and outside of Canada. He has been instrumental in raising public awareness and appreciation of South Asian art in Canada and in particular in the GTA through numerous collaborations with the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Mississauga.

Gustavo Neme Lozano is a lawyer by profession and brings the unique cultural perspective to CCAI. He holds a MBA from the University of Toronto, Degrees in business and Education from the University of Sao Paulo - Brazil.His South American background contributes to the programming of CCAI and bring diversity to this platform. Gustavo has extensive experience of serving at not for profit sector and organizational structure. He is currently serving full time with a non for profit organization helping the settlement of new immigrants. Gustavo aims to develop a new Latin American community festival next year with the help of CCAI.

Arshad Mahmood is one of the founding directors of CCAI. Arshad has banking and marketing background and successfully runs an independent mortgage brokerage company. He is a member of the Canadian National Exhibition Association and has served as its Associate Director and a member of CNE Finance Committee. He is the past President of the board of Art Gallery of Mississauga. His dedication to community welfare and development of youth interests has enabled him to help establish MOSAIC festival as a prominent event for the South Asian community. He was short listed for Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Awards in 2010. He is recipient of Queen Diamond Jubilee Medal for his services in the field of art and culture. He was also awarded the Mayor McCallion Volunteer of the Year Award at Marty's 2012.

Kamal Ahuja is a well travelled individual who has unique insight and keen interest in cultural diversity as well as its fusion. He has background in technology management and has lived and worked on both sides of Atlantic for many years. Currently he resides in Vancouver, from where he serves as the director and contributes to the organization regularly. He looks after the opportunities of programming and sponsorship in western Canada.

Ashish Gandhi has a background in economic and financial planning. He is a well-traveled individual and brings the various aspects of multi cultural experience to CCAI through his experiences of living in many cosmopolitan cities around the world. He currently works for a local Bank.

Nain Amyn has been associated with theatre and artistic and educational activities for a number of years. She served as general manager for SAWITRI, a non-for profit Mississauga based theatre group. Her vision and hard work has been recognized by her peers and colleagues on professional levels and she is keen to improve the life and adjustment of immigrant women in the community through various projects in Canada and internationally.

Tahir Aslam Gora is a prominent writer and TV Host, Publisher and social activist. He is recipient of Queen Diamond Jubilee Medal for his services in the field of journalism and cultural pluralism. He is a strong proponent of freedom of speech and serves as Director of Canadian thinkers forum, Progressive Muslim Institute of Canada and other literary and important community awareness projects. He regularly contributes to Huffington post as columnist and advocates for the pluralism in Canadian diaspora.

Ricky Bajaj is a seasoned marketing professional working with Metroland Media Group. He also has publishing experience before moving to Toronto Star in 2007. He has served with many publication conglomerates before moving to Canada in 2004. He is keen supporter of community development and education initiatives. He serves on the advisory board of CESF and World Education Services Stakeholders Forum and is regularly involved with initiatives revolving around newcomer accreditation and settlement programs. Ricky also supports CCAI organization in its marketing and social media outreach.

CCAI Advisory Board

Fayazz Walana is an editor of local Urdu language news paper and an instructor of journalism at the Sheridan College. He feels that the challenges of new age journalism cannot be met without reintroducing the integrity and sense of justice in media.