We have been actively involved in the fields of creative event design and management. We understand the importance of arts, culture and education in the development of a society and are proud to be a catalyst in this process. We are the pioneers of "Accessible Art" project, bridging the gap between art institutions and general public.

In 2004 Cre8iv80studio presented the Accessible Art Project to Royal Ontario Museum and Art Gallery of Ontario. The project proposed to establish community outreach venues for the largest art institution of Canada. At the same time Canadian National Exhibition was approached with a proposal that suggested to "Put arts and crafts back into arts and crafts building at the Ex".

In August - September 2004 at the 125th Canadian Natinal Exhibition Canada's largest museum of nature and culture presented an engaging visual display on its $200-million expansion and renovation project, designed by Daniel Libeskind.With construction now underway, the transformed ROM would open in December 2005, destined to become one of the city's favorite landmark buildings.The most captivating and imaginative production of technical skill and artistic versatility, this booth proved to be the most successful and attractive Exhibitors spot in the building, frequented by hundreds of visitors everyday.The dedicated staff and volunteers made public aware of the new construction plans and turned many a negative opinion and misgivings into a positive way of looking at the new construction.The regular visits by the senior members of administration and ROM foundation brought in a marked interest by the public.The overall presentation of ROM booth was able to set higher standards for the Exhibitors booths in the coming years.
Under the Acceible Art Project initiated by Cre8iv80studio The Art gallery of Ontario brought to the CNE an interactive activity involving children and adults alike to paint their famous inquir and slogan "Art Matters". Markers and paper was provided for people to draw, write and express their sentiments about art. AGO intends to put the selected pieces from these works on an exhibition once the new galleries open at the AGO.In their press release AGO invited the initiative of public in the following word; "Transformation AGO" will introduce new art, a new building, new ideas and a new future for art museums to the people of Ontario. The Art Gallery of Ontario invites you to explore its new building design, created by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry. Share your ideas about art and become part of the "Transformation AGO" project.

Thousands of visitors stopped at the AGO booth during their visit to the Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Pavilion. The interactive experience created by the AGO attracted all age groups and everybody tried their artistic skills. It is estimated that over 5500 artworks have been collected by the AGO during eighteen days of the EX. The first ever presence of AGO in an interactive booth such as this one at the Ex has created significant public interest in




has presented the following art institutions and organizations

Mississauga Arts Council
Diversity Folk Art
Mary-Anne Longlade Sch of Dance
Emerald Knights
Museums of Mississauga
Living Arts Centre
Visual Arts Mississauga
Art Gallery of Mississauga
Misssissauga Arts Society
Ontario Regd Music Teachers Assn
Sheridan College
Potters Guild
Heritage Mississauga
Viva Mexico