Cre8iv80studio launched the Canadian International Artists Forum in 2004 at 125th Canadian National Exhibition.
This project provides an opportunity to the Canadian artists of various ethnic backgrounds to exhibit and work on site.

This year Cre8iv80studio has engaged 12 artists who will demonstrate their skills in various arts and crafts activities. These artists will work on site with their tools to create artwork and engage audience in their work. They will interact with these visitors in order to educate them about various techniques and historical information about their particular artistic practice and medium.

Selected artists are encouraged to bring visual aid materials, books and any other support material to enhance the educational aspect of their presentation.Artists will be provided with a display and sales area where they can sell their artwork free of any charge or commission.

Fri 17 Vishal Misra Painting
Sat 18 Vishal Misra
Hilton HenHawk
Husk dolls
Sun 19 Shawn Grey Silk Painting
Mon 20 Shawn Grey Silk Painting
Tue 21 Syed Iqbal Painting
Wed 22 Ishrat Suhrwardi
Syed Iqbal
Thu 23 Ishrat Suhrwardi Pottery
Fri 24 Tanya Kirouac Encaustic and wax painting
Sat 25 Tanya Kirouac Encaustic and wax painting
Sun 26 Luc Behan sculpture
Mon 27 Luc Behan sculpture
Tue 28 Salim Khan Calligraphy
Wed 29 Marilena Issacusu Water color
Thu 30 Jeff Garcia Silk Screen printing
Fri 31 Jeff Garcia Silk Screen printing
Sat 01 Susan Anderson Silk Painting
Sun 02 Susan Anderson
Farooq ikram
Silk Painting
Mon 03 Susan Anderson
Farooq Ikram
Silk painting
Silk Painting

Vishal Misra
Vishal Misra hails from India and is a recent immigrant to Canada. He has extensively exhibited his oil Paintings and has worked hard to establish his reputation and hardworking and dedicated artist in Canada. His style of painting captures the elements of folklore and rich Indian mythological imagery, which has clear influence of Bengal school of thought and treads close to cubist style of expression through painting.

Hilton Henhawk
Hilton Henhawk is a senior native artist who will demonstrate his artistic skills with corn husk dolls Mr. Henhawke is a member of the Upper Mohawk and Seneca Nations, turtle clan, Six Nations Confederacy. Hilton was born in 1935 in Vienna Ontario, and he was raised in Ingersoll Ontario and has resided in Toronto since 1980.
Hilton's experience and unique vision compel him to a broad range of expression, so he does not confine his work to obvious Native ideology and symbols. Some of Hilton's art is symbolic and abstract, while other pieces are realistic and representational.50th anniversary rolex daytona replica perfect watch replica replica audemars piguet watches for sale

Shawn Grey
Shawn Grey hails from Hungarian British background. Shawn is a unique textile artist who has developed a deep understanding and appreciation of integrating art of story telling with her painting on the silk. Her work reminds us of on going story that she develops as her work flows towards completion.

Syed Iqbal
Syed Iqbal is a painter who has evolved his unique style of painting with experimentation in pigments and various textures. Iqbal comes from Bangladesh and his themes are usually representing the ethnic and religious mix that Bangladesh consists of.
His fascinations with mythology and his beliefs of universal peace and harmony are often seen in his colorful paintings.

Jeff Garcia
A young printmaker from Philippines, Jeff has developed his practice as screen printing artist. His techniques and themes are contemporary and expressive. Jeff has exhibited his work extensively and his designs are popular among Torontonians.

Salim Khan
A senior artist, Salim hails from Pakistan and was associated with museums and conservation there. He has developed his techniques in calligraphy especially Arabic script over the years. His landscapes and sculpture work has won him numerous awards and recognition.

Marilena Carlea Isacescu
Marelena is an Architect who transcended the boundary of her profession.
The same artistic talent that, combined with the love of science, made her an Architect now gives her the energy to follow the urge for creativity in her life. She has found an immense pleasure in self-expression painting, printmaking and mixed media. She is a well-exhibited watercolorist and would share her unique technique of this medium. Marelena came to Canada from Romania.

Ishrat Suhrwardi
A ceramic artist from Pakistan, Ishrat has developed her unique style in pottery and ceramics. She merges the influences of her roots with her adoptive land and comes up with a contemporary style. She will use her pottery wheel to demonstrate some fine elements of her pottery at the Ex.

Farooq Ikram
Farooq is a graduate of famous National College of Arts in ancient city of Lahore. He trained as a designer and later on his designing led him towards textile printing and painting. He approached his art with great passion and is considered an important textile artist whose creative designs and styles have made him popular among his peers and patrons.

Luc Roger Behan
A French Canadian, Luc approaches sculpture with deceptively simplistic technique. Once his clay rope starts developing upwards, the complexity of shape and depth of idea starts emerging. Luc approaches his art with passion that shows through as he performs in front of his audience and engages with them through clay and his poetry.

Tanya Kirouac
Although currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Tanya was born and raised in Montréal, Québec. A French Hungarian Canadian, Tanya is currently showing at a variety of galleries throughout Canada and most days she can be found in her studio exploring the possibilities of pigment and wax. As an encaustic painter, she applies and removes layers of wax by painting and then scraping away, building images in relief. Her expression is vibrant and her technique is very engaging.

Susan Anderson
Born in Lima,Peru, of European heritage and raised in Venezuela, Susan is, currently, an Instructor of Color and Design at the International Academy of Design in Toronto and a guest speaker for Ryerson University for the Fashion Marketing students. She pursued the career as a graphic designer at the Institute Neumann in Caracas, Venezuela. She travelled as a photographer assistant to "Christian Belpaire", also apprenticed with Gego and Carlos Cruz Diez.

Susan has been painting for the last 20 years and is well known for her great interest in Sustainable environments, and this association with nature is evident in her art as main source of inspiration. Susan will demontrate her skills on silk as textile artist.