JUNE 19th, 20th, 21st - FREE, ALL AGES

Rock The Coliseum is a free three day music and art festival in the heart of Mississauga, now aproaching it's fourth year the festivall is back bigger and louder than ever. It's also a chance to tune in to what the Toronto suburbs has to offer in music and arts. It is entirely non for profit and run by volunteers and music enthusiasts! so help spread the word. Rock The Coliseum is in affiliation with Mosaic Festival, for more information visit http://www.mosaicfest.com


Filming of The 905 Documentary will be taking place at Rock The Coliseum, visit she-died.com for more info



This year, not only do we have vendors and artists, but we also have some pretty sweet fireworks and midway rides. Rock The Coliseum is one of the funnest ways to earn volunteer hours and a reference if you are interested in the entertainment industry. If you would still like to volunteer or help, email us at undergroundgaragesale@hotmail.com

Join the facebook group and help spread the word

This year RTC is proud to be in partnership with NXNE!

presents BURNING BRIDES on SATURDAY JUNE 20th @ 6:30





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Rock the Coliseum derives its name from the fact that it actually takes place inside a Coliseum.

The Coliseum is a seldom used part of Mississauga's Town Hall, Right next to Square One Mall and the Bus Terminals. It is located South of Hwy 403 and North of the QEW. It is on the North West side of the Bus Terminal below the main City Tower and parallel to the fountains

300 City Centre Dr. Mississauga, ON

COLISEUM STAGE (Located Across from Main Stage)

From Toronto (Transit)

You can take the GO bus directly from Union Station to Square One, You can also take the GO Train to Port Credit Station and then the Hurontario bus #19 to Square One. The 19 is frequent and runs later than most. You can also take #26 from Kipling Station or any bus that will deliver you to Square One. The Venue is located next to the Empire Theatre Parking Lot

Band Schedule
Doors @ 4pm - 11pm
FRIDAY JUNE 19th 2009


For Fans of The Junction and Cuff the Duke


The Meligrove Band consists of Jason Nunes on vocals, guitar and piano. Darcy Rego on vocals and drums, and Michael Small on bass guitar, In 2005 the Meligrove Band became the first act from Canada to sign a worldwide agreement with V2




For Fans of Chore and The Priddle Concern

DON VAIL (Stoney Creek/Hamulton ON)

Don Vail are a Canadian Indie Rock band, consisting of Chris Bell, Mitch Bowden, Dave Dunham (from previous band Chore) and Bill Priddle (Treble Charger).
Their album was recorded with Blinker The Star's Jordon Zadorozny at his Pembroke, Ont. studio from late 2006 to the end of 2007. Its 10 well-written, catchy cuts are influenced by early '90s indie rock




For Fans of The Stills, Peter Katz

CLOTHES MAKE THE MAN (Kingston/Toronto ON)

Since 2003, Clothes Make The Man have been rattling foundations across Canada with their unabashed anthem driven songs. Releasing their breakthrough self-titled full length record in early 2006 to positive reception, the band earlier released two EPs that helped document their ever evolving sound. Performing alongside the Dears, Malajube and countless others, the band continues to grow and look forward to sharing their songs on their upcoming cross-Canada tour. - CBC Radio 3





For Fans of The Imports, Dodger

OLA ROKS (Mississauga, ON)

OLAROKS is Ola Roks on guitar and vocals, Steve O'Gorman on guitar and backup vocals, Dave Browne on bass, and Timon Wientzek on percussion. What started out as a solo project 8 years ago fast became a group effort in pristine hooks and solid tunes.





For Fans of Model, Bjork


Form over the course of evolution. The material that This is Picture (Rob Shortill vocal/guitar (Model, Mare), Steve Dagg (drums) (Model)) produces is certainly the result of evolution in music, while the project itself has as well been privy to change over time. This is Picture appears to be quite change oriented evolving and morphing in a variety of ways, and refreshingly, all positive and good. - pyramidschememagazine





For Fans of Built to Spill, Mae

SLIDES (Hamilton, ON)

SLIDES is a four piece indie act committed to room-filling, groovy, rhythmic rock and roll. Hailing from Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario, the group is galvanized by the friendship formed through common histories and shared living spaces. Slides is Michael DiLoreto on Bass/Vocals, CJ Ricottone on Guitar/Vocals, Chris Hampton on Drums and Michael Walsh on Vocals/Guitar/Keys





For Fans of Jeff Buckley, Radiohead

THE PASSENGERS (Mississauga, ON)

The Passengers are a four piece act hailing from Mississauga, ON. With the smart complexity of alternative indie and vocals paying tribute to and drawing influence from Jeff Buckley, The Passengers are one of the most passionate acts to rise from the GTA. There Tweeter describes them as dreamy, pretty and wonderful. The Passengers are Ryan Fritze on Bass, Daniel Halyburton on Guitars, Suyen Huang on Drums and Jonny Mark on Guitar and Vocals





For Fans of Paramore, Cruiserweight

CUT THROAT KIDS (Mississauga, ON)

There’s no pretense surrounding Cut Throat Kids; their primary concern is simply to entertain, to reach an audience looking for sharp, catchy and concise pop/alternative songs that instantly grab your attention and don’t let go until they’re finished.

“…buoyant and catchy, with a tinge of punk thrown in for good measure” – Chris Clay, The Mississauga News



Doors @ 3pm - 11pm

MARE(Reunion Show) (Mississaga, Oakville, ON)

Mare was a band orchestrated primarily by frontman Tyler Semrick-Palmateer, previously on vocal duty for tech-metal outfit The End.. In a unique mixture of sludge, doom, metal, avante-garde, and other textures that defy immediate genres or categorizations, Mare became a generation inspiring band for the Canadian music scene.For the reunion show Tyler is joined by drummer Caleb Collins (Circle Takes The Square, Indian Ocean)


For Fans of Isis, Kayo Dot


DDMMYYYY (Toronto/Brampton, ON)

DD/MM/YYYY are an experimental indie band from Toronto, Ontario. They are known for their abstract music, which involves the use of unconventional instruments and combinations thereof, steadily changing time signatures and rotating member roles


For fans of Holy Fuck, Crystal Castles



The Love and Terror Cult is an energetic female-fronted band from Toronto’s suburbs. Ranging in influence from noise-rock and punk to metal and jazz, the Love and Terror Cult are too erratic to be generic and too loud to go un-noticed.


For fans of Circle Takes The Square, Battle of Mice


LORDS (Kentucky, U.S)

Lords, from Louisville Kentucky, are like a fist fight at stonehenge. Like Black Flag beating up Megadeth with a two-by-four.


For fans of Coliseum, Young Widows




The Burning Brides formed in Philadelphia in early 1999. Dimitri Coats and future wife and musical partner Melanie Campbell joined together after graduating The Juliard School, They are now joined with hard-hitting Pete Beeman, formerly of Guzzard, who worked very well with the pair on the coming album.



For fans of Queens of the Stoneage, Torche


TITAN (Toronto, ON)

Toronto, Ontario's aptly named TITAN puts the listener in a stranglehold from the first seething instance of feedback and doesn't relent until the very last jack-hammer of the bass drum has finished.
TITAN perform with a precision and passion that set them apart from others in the genre and are renowned for their intensity and staunch DIY work ethic.



For fans of Cursed, Isis



Having recently finished a tour with Preistess, Barn Burner is working on their first full-length album, which will be released on Storyboard Records. Recently, they have had their song Wizard Island played on BBC Radio One rock show in the United Kingdom



For fans of Black Ships, Bison BC


TONNN (Mississaga, ON

" Yes, TONNN is heavy. Yes, they have screaming in their band, but their angular and propulsive songs will leave you breathless. They really do merit the 2nd and 3rd N's and ALL CAPS of their namesake; it is the only way to describe the sheer sonic force of their band. They can play with a furious abandon, but still know when to dial it back for dramatic effect plus their riffs have a powerful emotional resonance. " -- clayton drake // excerpt from sudbury star show listing)



For fans of Boris, Ghost Stories


VILIPEND (Toronto, ON)

Hell-bent on single-handedly reviving the noisecore genre in the Greater Toronto Area, Vilipend's left-of-centre, chaotic assault will please anyone looking for a legit alternative to the polished, breakdown-laden fare so common in modern metal acts - Exclaim.ca.




For fans of Cursed, Kittens

  Doors @ 1pm - 9pm SUNDAY JUNE 21st 2009


For fans of Depeche Mode, Deftones, Explosions in the Sky

JUNIUS (Boston, MA)

"Breathtaking atmospherics and dark sensibilities deserved of being likened to The Cure's Disintegration... With high energy emanating out of a pensive sound, Junius punctures each track with unshakable singularity until it turns into something addictive and encompassing." - Exclaim! Magazine




For fans of Alexisonfire, Sights and Sounds



A singer who doesn’t sing, but rather a theatrical magnet who passionately speaks or yells. A guitarist who plays with a bow, another who plays with a pick. Cymbals, snares, bass, keys and a DIY light-board, attached to a guitar strap. An art-rock collective. A visual display and musical experience.




For fans of Incubus, Everytime I die



We the fire makers are a five piece hailing from Mississauga, The band combines influences from past alternative rock and from a new wave of southern hardcore to produce a hard hitting new sound. The vocals create pitch perfect melodies that combat intensely against the wall of sound produced by intense riffs and drums.




For fans of Metric, Sonic youth


BAD FLIRT (Montreal, QU)

One of Montreal’s more intriguing and talked-about acts finally releases its debut disc, Virgin Talk…Bad Flirt have been doing it on their own for years, redefining the ethics of DIY on the road, in the studio and on the web. What we have here is a pretty solid pop rock record from start to finish, highlighted by four-on-the-floor beats, girl-boy-girl vocals, crunchy guitars and headlong bass. -Hour




For fans of Born Ruffians, The Strokes


DINOSAUR BONES (Mississauga/Toronto, ON)

Dinosaur Bones have firmly fastened themselves within the thriving mosaic of Toronto's independent music scene. Catchy guitar melodies that play off one another, uniquely defiant arrangements, and a hard-hitting rhythm section characterize the band's appeal and defines them within the loosely confining label of 'indie rock.' 





For fans of Rilo Kiley, Blue Rodeo


THE NORTH (Mississauga, ON)

The North, a self-described country-stained rock 'n' roll band, has a full-length, self-titled album as well as an EP. The band's lead vocalist, Bernadette Gernon-Rossi, also has a solo album, Bernadette.
Gernon-Rossi is the daughter of Francis Rossi, frontman for the British rock group, Status Quo. It was in Rossi's home studio in England that the group recorded its albums.
The North consists of Gernon-Rossi, Neal Lyons (Kover, Heroes for Sale) on guitar and vocals, Tom Kiskunas on guitar and keyboard, Tom Hodgins on bass and Da-Rell on drums



For fans of Ani Difranco, Cocorosie.


Courtney Lynn is a girl with a voice that's bigger than her home city of Brampton, with soulfull melodies and bitter sweet verses she melts the listener with gut wrenching lyrics. With honest and raw pop sensibility she's setting a new standard for female acoustic acts




For fans of Man Man, Queens of the Stoneage\



Former members of Struck By Truth, Heroes For Sale, Of The Epic, and Dreamboat, hailing from various GTA neighbourhoods to forge bold new material in the furnaces of Hell. Like a bar fight in mid west America with Tom Waits on your side It's hard to believe these boys are making so much noise from flowertown Brampton.


Info : undergroundgaragesale@hotmail.com