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Canadian Community Arts Initiative regularly presents visual arts , literary, dance, theatre, film and other artistic events for the enjoyment and education of the community. CCAI regularly collaborates with artists and organizations to support artistic activities in and around Mississauga and GTA.


Dec 11 – Jan 26, 2022: Weekly drop of Mosaic Soundz.
Feb 2 –Mar 31, 2022: ....Till all are healed. Exhibition of multi disciplinary art festival at the Art Gallery of Mississauga A tribute, a thanks to the front liners in paintings and dance and poem, a message of hope for all. (Free)
Mar 12, 2022: Audio Launch of Mosaic Sounds season 1.
April 10, 2022: Annual General Body Meeting for the Canadian Community Arts Initiative.
June 20 -25, 2022: Mosaic Soundz.
July 22, 2022: TD Mosaic Festival day 1 (Free).
July 23, 2022: TD Mosaic Festival Day 2 (Free).
July 22, 2022: Rock The coliseum Day 1 (Free).
July 23, 2022: Rock The coliseum Day 2 (Free).
Sept 12, 2022: Misaff at the TIFF ( by invite only).
Oct 13, 2022: Saying it with Flowers, celebration of the year of Garden with Frankie Ferragine, in collaboration with Mississauga Arts Council.
Nov 5-6, 2022: Be(coming) the Museum, symposium at BNU, with Asma Mahmood and Shelly Bahl.
Jan 13, 2023: Opening Reception , Be(coming) The Museum, Visual Arts Exhibition, at Lahore Museum.


Mar 20, 2021: Launch of #MosaicTalks podcast on Spotify and Apple Music.
April 30, 2021: Children arts and craft workshops with Kriten Keller. Details on website. (Free)
May 10 - June 30, 2021: Out Door Visual Arts Exhibition . For artist call and other detaisl visit our website.
June, July, Aug, 2021: Selection , finalizing recording “Singing for Birds Bees and Trees” A festival recorded at the Adamson Estate in Mississauga by local artists in collaboration with the City of Mississauga parks and Rec.
Aug 8 - 12, 2021: Recording for Mosaic Soundz at the Living Arts Centre Mississauga.
August, 2021: TD Mosaic Festival day 1 (Free).
August, 2021: TD Mosaic Festival Day 2 (Free).
August, 2021: Rock The Coliseum Online Indie Music Festival.
Aug 7-8, 2021: Interactive TD Mosaic Festival 2021.
Aug 7-8, 2021: Interactive Rock The Coliseum Festival.
Dec 1-5, 2021: MISAFF Mosaic international South Asian Film Festival 2021.
Dec 20, 2021: Launch of Mosaic Soundz, original production of inStudio project of music by CCAI.


TD Mosaic Noon Talk
June 4, 2020: Bushra Ansari
June 8, 2020: Josh The Band
June 11, 2020: Kiran Ahluwalia
June 18, 2020: Benny Dayal
June 20, 2020: Shweta Subrum - 12:30 pm Dehli 2 Dublin
June 25, 2020: Zeb Bangash
June 29, 2020: Saieen Zahoor
July 2, 2020: Ali Sethi
July 6, 2020: SW Storm 12;30pm Haniya Aslam
July 9, 2020: Javed Bashir
July 13, 2020: Bobby Friction
July 20, 2020: Humaira Channa
July 23, 2020: Rekha Bharadwaj
July 27, 2020: Panwar Dance & 12:30pm Diamond Duggul Swami
July 30, 2020: David R Maracle & 12:30 Abhishek Mathur
Aug 3, 2020: Kailash Kher
Aug 6, 2020: Vijay Prakash
Aug 10, 2020: Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan
Aug 17, 2020: Harshdeep Kaur
Aug 9-10, 2020: Rock The Coliseum , Indie Music Festival online.
Nov 26 - Dec 2, 2020: MISAFF the film festival on line with TIFF Platform.


May 12 - May 23, 2019: Artistic Director of CCAI and senior members of Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival were invited to 58th Cannes International Film Festival, Cannes ,France. The team sourced new films for the film festival and made valuable presentations and hosted industry events with Telefilms Canada.
May 7, 2019: CCAI hosted “Holi @ROM”, a colourful music and dance party to celebrate the “Treasures of the Desert Kingdom : Jodhpur” an on going exhibition celebrating the royal collection from Jodhpur , India.
June 1, 2019: Annual General Body Meeting.
Aug 1-4 , 2019: CCAI presents MISAFF Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival.
Aug 6, 2019: CCAI Volunteer Training Session.
Aug 9-10, 2019: TD 14th annual Mosaic South Asian Outdoor Festival.
Sep 26-28, 2019: CCAI supports JLF Toronto 2019 as Community Partners.
Sep 30,2019: CCAI Presents William Dalrymple and launch his newest book “The Anarchy” at the Royal Ontario Museum.
Oct 20-29, 2019: CCAI presents Canadian contingent at Karachi Biennial of Arts 2019.
Nov 9, 2019: Rock The Coliseum receives prestigious Credits Modern Heritage Award by Heritage Mississauga.


Feb 5 - Feb 17, 2018: Senior Canadian artist Charles Pachter visits Dhaka, Bangladesh to present his retrospective visual arts show at the prestigious Bangladesh National Museum, Dhaka. Curated by Asma Mahmood this exhibition was co-presented by Canadian High Commission Dhaka, Canada Council and Winners Collections Dhaka in collaboration with Canadian Community Arts Initiative.
April 27, 2018: Annual General Body Meeting.
July 12, 2018: CCAI presents Charles Pachter Talk in collaboration with Mississauga Central Library . “Quintessential Canadian exhibition and visit to Bangladesh”
July 19, 2018: CCAI Volunteer Training Session.
July 19, 2018: CCAI presents Canadian Author, Nazneen Sheikh from her latest publication “A Place of Shining Light” at Mississauga Central Library.
July 27, 2018: Screening of Mah-i-Meer, a Film written and directed by Sarmad Sehbai. Director will be on hand for Q&A after the screening at the living Arts Centre, Mississauga.
July 29,2018: an exclusive evening with leading writer, poet, dramatist and director from Pakistan, Sarmad Sehbai, hosted by Greeniche and Presented by CCAI. Living Arts Centre Mississauga.
Aug 1, 2018: CCAI Annual Media and awards gala.
Aug 3-4, 2018: CCAI Presents TD Bank Mosaic International South Asian Festival 2018.
Aug 3-4, 2018: Rock The Coliseum, Indie Music Festival 2018 North Celebration Square Amphitheatre.
Aug 15, 2018: Talk by Aroosa Rana, VIRSA artist 2018. Art Gallery of Mississauga.
Sep 2018: MISAFF Dates to be announced shortly.


Mar 14-April 7, 2017: Native Canadian artist of Mohawk Ancestry David R Maracle visits Lahore, Pakistan to complete three week residency and workshops at Beacon House National University and Rafi Peer Theatre in sculpture and Music. David will perform at TD Mosaic Festival on 11 Aug, in Mississauga.
Mar 24, 2017: Annual General Body Meeting.
April 19, 2017: Canadian Film Day event at Agha Khan Museum, screening of "Midnights Children Co" presented with MISAFF and Reel Asian Film Festival.
May 2017: CCAI presents Peoples Choice Martys for Mississauga Arts Council.
July 12, 2017: CCAI presents Sarat Maharaj from UK in collaboration with Living Arts Centre at round table discussion for "Zeitgeist" initiative to launch Biennial Art Event in the GTA based in Mississauga
Aug 3-6, 2017: Co-Presenting National Bank Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival 2017, presented by Zee International.
Aug 9, 2017: Annual Media and awards gala.
Aug 11-12, 2017: TD Mosaic Multiarts Festival presented by Turkish Airlines.
Aug 11-12, 2017: Rock The Coliseum, Indie Music Festival 2017 Celebration Canada 150.


Jan 16, 2016: Guest speaker series presents "Muslims Actually" inter communal session empowerment and inclusion series
Jan 23, 2016: Guest Speaker Series presents Cheryl Costello
Mar 9-12, 2016: CCAI presents Akram Khan from UK in collaboration with Canadian Dance Theatre at BlumaApell Theatre Toronto
Mar 19, 2016: BOD Meeting at TAG tv
Apr 3, 2016: Edit-a-Thon for website
Apr 30, 2016: CCAI collaborates with the Art Gallery of Mississauga for annual art auction.
May 2016: CCAI presents Peoples Choice Martys for MAC
Jul 2016: Co-presenting retrospective show "YongoVerma" at the Art Gallery of Mississauga
Aug 4-7, 2016: Co-Presenting Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival 2016.
Aug 11, 2016: Literary Mosaic 2016.
Aug 12-13, 2016: TD Mosaic Multiarts Festival presented by Turkish Airlines.
Aug 12-13, 2016: Rock The Coliseum, Indie Music Festival 2016.


Jan 31, 2015: "Pages on Fire" Spoken word, Open Mike and writing workshop for emerging writers
Mar 22, 2015: "Painting with Purpose" Children and Youth art workshops for March Break
Mar 30, 2015: Annual General Body Meeting Canadian Community Arts Initiative
Apr 11, 2015: "Expanding Visual Vocabulary" Arts workshop with artist Leo Dias
Apr 29, 2015: "Presenting William Dalrymple in talk" Launch of the "Return of the King" at the Agha Khan Museum, Toronto.
May 16, 2015: CCAI presents People's Choice Award for Martys with MAC.
Jun 26, 2015: "Truth and reconciliation" Collaborative Art Event with "Day and Night Studio". Aboriginal artist in collaboration with Promenade Collective.
Jul 6, 2015: Demo-Graphics, Biennial International Art Event Think Tank event at the Noel Ryan Theatre, Mississauga.
Jul 22, 2015: Collaboration with "Bridge" and "Day and Night Studio" Community Development Initiative through art and poetry.
Aug 4-7, 2015: MISAFF film Festival
Aug 7, 2015: Mosaic Festival Opening reception Living Arts Centre
Aug 11, 2015: Opening Reception Visual arts show "Alluvial Images" by KalidasKarmakar
Aug 13, 2015: Literary Mosaic at Living Arts Centre
Aug 15, 2015: Children Arts and cultural introduction workshops at the Square with artists from Native Canadian Centre Toronto.
Aug 14-15, 2015: Rock The Coliseum Indie Music Festival
Aug 14-15, 2015: TD Mosaic Festival
Aug 20, 2015: A literary evening with UK Based writer and poet

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