CCAI's primary objective is to promote healthy and active communities through celebration of their art and culture. Building upon the unique Canadian model of multiculturalism the organization creates opportunities to celebrate art, culture and heritage in professionally produced family oriented festivals and events. CCAI's projects are inclusive, intended to inspire cross cultural dialogue, promote a sense of pride in citizenship for local residents and generate tourism. CCAI presents various projects to enhance its objectives including Long running Mosaic festival, a free South Asian multidisciplinary arts festival in the heart of the city of Mississauga, Rock The Coliseum, Indie Music Festival , MISAFF, Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival of Mississauga, Mosaic Soundz, an In Studio production of original music , Cross Pollination a project for international exposure of Canadian talent and Virsa, the visual arts component. Many other projects in theatre, education and literature are also presented under the banner of the organization.. The organization emphasizes the spirit of volunteerism especially among the youth and creates opportunities for a large number of young volunteers to give back to their communities by volunteering at its festivals and events.


  1. To unite artists, critics and persons interested in art and allied and related subjects for fellowship and mutual suppport in promoting common aims and to assert the creative importance of art in the national and community life of Canada.
  2. To promote an improvement in the welfare, recognition and professional standing of practicing artists in the community.
  3. To promote activities which will tend to increase the appreciation, enjoyment and use of art and works of art in Canada.
  4. To promote enquiry into the solution of problems related to the growth of Canadian culture and to stimulate public interest in such matters.
  5. To establish, promote, support and encourage art galleries, museums and other institutions and organizations engaged in activities connected with art and art appreciation.
  6. To assist the coordination and encouragement of activities of groups and individuals tending to further the objectives of the Corporation by providing a clearing house for information and ideas.
  7. To publish, print, distribute and support books, magazines, pamphlets and publications of all kinds devoted to the interest of arts and artists.
  8. To improve the growth of emerging and established artists through educational activities and programs.
  9. To promote, encourage, give financial assistance to, subscribe to, become a member of and cooperate with societies having similar objectives, in all parts of the world.
  10. To cooperate, with organizations in Canada having similar objectives to those of this Corporation.
  11. To organize, plan, market, produce and hold or participate in events, seminars, conferences, lectures, exhibitions, shows, festivals, workshops and performances relating to or containing any single multidisciplinary or multiple artistic activities including but not limited to visual, performing and literary arts.
  12. To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the arrangement of the above mentioned objectives.

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