Vaishali and Hemant Panwar, Panwar Music and Dance Productions

PMDP is a non profit and charitable organization that aspires to enrich the lives of Youth, adults and communities at large with performing arts. The company creates innovative and traditional dance and music projects by the artistic directors, Hemant and Vaishali Panwar with their professional team of dancers and musicians.

The company promotes variety of traditional musical and dance disciplines by arranging and producing musical concerts, workshops and seminars that include visiting artists from around the world. They are accomplished dancers and choreographers of Kathak - A classical dance form with its roots in North India. With their training and discipline, they are considered one of the leading pairs in this dance in North America.

Company has presented original dance productions such as Dance Drama Hesperus 1838, Rajasthan Calling, With you Between Us, at prestigious festivals. The Company also organised "Generations together" bringing seniors, youths and adults on one platform. Company is a hub of many talented dancers and musicians working towards only one goal - promotion, preservation and perseverance of Indian ancient classical dance and music culture . The company provides many opportunities all year round for youth who are at threshold of their professional career.

Hemant Panwar is also a well known singer of semi classical and folk singing and has recently released two albums - Creator and Oh my Lord Rama. Vaishali leads choreography and costumes for the company. The creative spirit of Panwars has boundless energy and they boldly take on fusion and diverse dances as creative challenge to fuse with folk and classical traditions.

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