TD Mosaic 2015 Team

Sumit Ahuja

Programming Director (Mainstage)

Sumit Ahuja, a Professional in the field of Event management & P.R. Founder of MediaWorks!! - Sumit Ahuja is exuberant, passionate and dedicated to her work. Her past work experience with Wizcraft entertainment has added to her strengths and Sumit's hat is adorned with many feathers. Sumit also carries a special regard in her heart for senior members of our society and aspires to one-day make a meaningful difference in their lives. She serves as a Council member of United Way of peel. Mosaic Festival is closest to her heart among all her projects as Sumit is one of the pioneering members of the team and has been part of the mosaic family since the very first year of the festival.

Trupal Goswami

Volunteer Co-ordniator

Trupal Goswami is a huge 'Leafs' fan, Trupal is currently studying chemistry at York University. He joined the mosaic team as a volunteer in 2007 and worked his way up to become the volunteer coordinator for the festival. He has helped develop an enviable team of volunteers that have served as the backbone of the festival training to become the next leaders of the festival.

Dhruv Naik

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Dhruv Naik joined the MOSAIC family in 2008 as a volunteer and is recently appointed Assistant to the Volunteer Coordinator. Currently studying Hotel Management, Dhruv loves dancing and works as dance instructor and chorographer for Jadoo Entertainment Mississauga.

Arnav Gupta

Logistics Coordinator

Arnav Gupta is studying Finance and Economics at the University of Toronto, he is also a Martial Arts Instructor for the City of Mississauga. Arnav has been a long-time volunteer for Mosaic and worked at various position and now works as security and Logistics coordinator for the Festival.

Farrell Tremblay

RTC Festival Director

Farrell Tremblay has worked for 10 years organizing events and promoting the indie music scene in the 905. This will be his fourth year working as a programming coordinator for Rock The Coliseum and first as a member of the Independent Music Initiative's board of directors.

Rahim Jetha

Hospitality and Sales Coordinator

Rahim Jetha is an active member of many Arts and Cultural Communities in Toronto and the GTA. He specializes in Media Relations, Event Management, and Event Logistics. He was also the past Programming Director for Desi's Rock segment of the Festival. Rahim works in Administration, Hospitality and Sales Coordinator. Rahim overseas the entire festival to make sure and ensure that everyone finds Mosaic Festival a home away from home, fun, enjoyable and well feed.

Paresh Khatri

Festival Webmaster

Paresh Khatri is a Bachelor in Computer Science and a graduate of Laurentian University, currently working as Senior consultant at local IT company and working towards SAP and PMP certification. Paresh supports Mosaic team with all web content development and management.

Hunain Amir

Volunteer Supervisor

Hunain Amir is a 2nd year student studying at York University and currently majoring in Information Technology with a specialized honors in E-Commerce. He has been with Mosaic for 5 years and will continue to be a supervisor this year. He loves watching Basketball and learn new programming languages in his spare team.

Ashwin Iyer

Volunteer Supervisor

Ashwin Iyer is an Electrical Engineering graduate from The University of Toronto with a passion for music. Ashwin joined the Mosaic festival in 2008 as a timid volunteer with the goal of completing his 40 hours for high school. Seeing the sense of trust and responsibility given to all volunteers, Ashwin was continuously drawn back to the festival and grew out of the timidness to become a leader to younger volunteers coming in; first as a volunteer supervisor and now in the role of assistant logistics coordinator. As the assistant logistics coordinator, Ashwin supports the coordinators in ensuring that all facets of the festival are running in an orderly manner by allocating resources as required.

Malhar Patil

Intern Supervisor

Malhar Patil currently studies Aviation Technology at Seneca College. He has a passion for flying and loves to try new things! Malhar has been with the festival for 3 years and is currently an Intern Supervisor.

Pranay Ranjan

Volunteer Supervisor

Pranay Ranjan is a 2nd year electrical engineering student at the University of Waterloo, currently working with the Physics department at the university as a programmer and network engineer. He has been with Mosaic for 5 years and started of as a volunteer. This year, Pranay is the backstage supervisor and is very excited to celebrate Mosaic's 10th birthday this year.

Jonathan & Rebecca Macias

Official Festival Photographer

The Black Umbrella Photography, husband and wife duo - Rebecca and Jonathan Macias. Photographing Events, Portraits and Weddings around the GTA. Black Umbrella Photography is the Official Photographers of Mosaic and MISAFF.

Azmat Saad

Azmat Saad is a passionate volunteer who believes that Photography is a fantastic story-telling medium and as such uses her skills to document various events in and around town. You will find her with her beloved camera around the festival and other events and cheering the loudest for her favourite artists as well.

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